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ers about two weeks ago. crabtree did cooperate with police. again, no charges will be filed against the wide receiver. now to hazing gone wild. five students expelled and the football coach fired after a hazing incident. now st. patrick's st. vincent high school is in turmoil and parents stunned by the allegations. nbc bay area received a tip about those expulsions. jodi hernandez is live at the school with more. >> reporter: jessica, this is certainly a big topic here at the catholic high school. parents and students are stunned after learning that five varsity football players have been expelled and the head varsity football coach ousted over hazing allegations. now we are told that the student body is just learning of the expulsion tonight. the school is in the process of sending out e-mails. the sacramento diocese which oversees st. patrick and st.
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vincent high school says they became aware of the allegations just before the christmas break and launched their investigation when students returned to school this month. and what they uncovered is troubling. they say a series of hazing incidents between varsity football players and jv football players took place in the school locker room during practice last football season. they would not tell us exactly what that hazing entailed but, they say, it was inappropriate and abusive behavior. >> it sort of crossed the line. it wasn't something you could write off and dismiss as boys being boys. it was a serious transgression. >> it's upsetting that it happened. it's upsetting that it happens anywhere and i am surprised. i'm not surprised they are takinging care of it. >> i think it should be addressed, absolutely. it's nothing i can't do and half the men watching tv if you see
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this silly article. it was kid stuff. it was football stuff. it was man stuff. it ain't right. it wasn't nasty, though. >> reporter: mixed reaction as you hear as parents and students try to process what has happened against five varsity football players expelled. the head varsity coach fired. we are told the coach did not know about the hazing but was responsible for the boys' supervision and is being held responsible. so he has been let go. reporting live from vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in other news tonight a stepback for injured giants fan brian stowe. his family says he's back in the hospital with a large blood clot. doctors are trying to dissolve the clot and prevent others. doctors were surprised the blood clot did not kill him. they're trying to stay positive in spite of the setback. he suffered skull and brain
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injuries after a brutal beating after a giants game in los angeles. he's expected to stay in the hospital through the weekend. a 16-year-old oakland boy says he knows people think he's a monster. that's what he told the court today before he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering his adoptive parents. he was 15 years old when he strangled his parents in their oakland home last january. he was prosecuted as an adult and in december pled guilty to killing susan and robert. why did he do it? he had been suspended from school for smoking marijuana and knew they would be upset. when asked to address the court, he came in and said i'm sorry for the crime i committed. i hope none of you forgive me for my crime. i know you all think of me as a monster or something else. i hope none of you remember me ever again. anger after a gunman on campus put three schools in lockdown. cupertino middle, west valley
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and homestead are located within a mile of each other. that hoax sent dozens of officers scrambling into action and, as you can imagine put lots of families on edge. marianne favro is live in sunnyvale with reaction from parents and students. not a good time for this to happen. >> reporter: absolutely not, jessica. there were a lot of hugs here this afternoon as students were reunited with their parents after a very frightening day. after the recent school massacre in connecticut, parents tell me they feel a heightened sense of relief. officers with guns drawn, students inside reacted to words there may be a gunman on campus. a and we were playing basketball and we heard there was a code red, somebody on campus with a weapon. and then we had to hide behind the curtains. >> it was scary knowing how this could actually be happening and just remembering what happened in newtown. i didn't want it to turn out
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like that. >> we were trapped in a really small closet, our entire class. we didn't have a barricade. all students inside the small closet. >> reporter: she says they remained in the closet nearly two and a half hours while sunnyvale public safety officers respond responded to a student's report a gunman was on campus. they searched every building, using bolt cutters to look for the suspect inside two sheds. the skal district also put nearby homestead high and west valley elementary on lockdown and then began informing parents telling them not to come to campus. suzy has three kids in the affected schools. >> i can only imagine how nervous and scared they are. >> reporter: then, a dramatic development. >> through further investigation, we have determined that the initial report has been false. the student has recanted their statement, and there was never ever anybody on campus with a weapon. >> i was a nervous wreck for
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hours over this and it's upsetting, but at the same time, i am obviously very relieved that there was no suspect. >> reporter: with the lockdown lifted, parents rushed to pick up their children, hold iing th close, focusing not on the hoax but the happy ending. the big question tonight is whether the student who lied about a gunman being here on campus is going to face any criminal charges. investigators tell me they're still looking into that. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. san jose police are asking for the public's assistance in locating a homicide suspect. this is a picture of 24-year-old duarte. he's believed to have taken part in the killing of deshawn brown last march. another suspect is in custody and charged with murder. detectives are looking to the public for information about his whereabouts. they say he knew the victim and the two may have had a long-standing feud. san francisco city leaders
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are hoping to avoid a super headache on super bowl sunday. they're taking steps to avoid a repeat of fan violence that marred the world series victory. the mayor is asking bars to keep an eye on how much alcohol they are serving especially hard liquor, more decembiesel l l bu running because they can be rerouted through large crowds. large crowds unlike electric buses. they will pick up trash to help prevent fires. there will be no tolerance for vandals. >> so the department will vigoro vigorously investigate if those things happen and we will make an arrest and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. again, we want people to come to san francisco, and weigh want them to celebrate responsibly. >> police arrested dozens of people when celebrations got out of control. vandals overturned cars, destroyed property, and started fires. dozens of san francisco restaurants could be in hot water for failing to spend
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surcharges on employers as required. businesses were supposed to set aside up to $3 an hour per worker for health care costs. restaurants charged customers $2 to pay for that program. the city attorney says only about a third of the $14 million collected went to paying for the program. the offending unnamed restaurants have until april 10 to comply or face consumer fraud lawsuits. it's not getting any easier for apple. another setback for the company and its investors today. our business and tech reporter, scott budman. scott, it seems the bleeding isn't stopping. >> reporter: not yet. investors are trying to figure out where shares fit in between increased sales but skyrocketing expectations and on an otherwise strong day are for stocks, a tough day for apple investors. shares down another $10 today and in the process dropped apple back behind exxon mobil in stock value. apple l now number two in market capitalization. as for the overall market, it's
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at its highest level in years. now netflix investors know something about what it's like to watch the value of their stock plummet, but those of you who held netflix stock have had an incredible couple of days as the media world once again embraces the los gatos company. the way we see movies and tv shows is changing. and that's good news for netflix. after admitting that it stumbled with the price hike and botched plans to split the company, netflix is back with a vengeance. >> we're the pioneer. we're the ones who figured out how to make it work for people. >> reporter: an internet tv is red-hot. ask netflix shareholders who saw a two-day fwan of more than 70% in the company's stock price. you can even ask actor rob lowe who says streaming "west wing" made the difference. yes, are it's cool when actors tweet about you, even cooler
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when you change people's habits. >> literally last night my wife and i switched to streaming because that's what we're doing. >> reporter: santa clara associate professor michael w wayland says they need technology for more than just special effects. >> within with, what, ten minutes from where we're located right now in san jose, you have itunes and you have netflix. 20 minutes further you have youtube/google. those are the three leaders in how we're going to view everything. lrp and a as investors and content beat a path to netflix's door, the can company says it's ready to let us watch what we want when and where we want it. >> ultimately what i think will happen is hulu will do its own exclusive, amazon will do its
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own exclusive and we'll be like abc, nbc, and cbs or showtime and hbo and a lot of room each doing our own content. >> reporter: more contempt with more ways to see it. good news if you like to watch. netflix says out of 2 million subscribers, the company says it will debut new episodes of "arrested development" in may. jessica? >> thank you. still ahead at 6:00, an unsettling sight on camera. a look at everybody's favorite topic these days, of course the 49ers. the super bowl could be in the offing but some key numbers say it might not be the 49ers' year. i'll tell you why in reality check up next. >> recently the press has been very negleative. i'm a madman, which, perhaps i am. i'm paranoid. i don't think i am. or whatever. >> one thing is for sure, he's a security pioneer and more
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recently an international fugitive. we'll have john mcafee's candid interview with raj mathai, what he says about the media storm surrounding him. and right now on the radar, things are relatively dry after a warmer day around the bay area but changes are ahead and they're really going to drop our temperatures and keep a chance of some showers in our forecast. we'll show you that when we come back.
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a legal marijuana grow business is out of business tonight. police found about 400 marijuana plants at the home on dixon road. they had a street value of approximately $600,000. police then searched the second home and arrested 38-year-old ho. he's in jail for illegal marijuana cultivation and theft of utilities. protecting the state's big
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cats. california's mountain lions may get more state protection under a law introduced on the peninsula. three mountain lions including two cubs were fatally shot by game wardens over the last two years prompting state senator hill to propose a bill giving wardens nonlethal alternatives to dealing with big cats like working with zoos or wildlife groups, relocating the animals or chasing them from residential areas. >> i believe our fish and wildlife wardens do an outstanding job every day and they're under are harsh conditions and with very limited resources. so what we're doing is trying to offer them the tools that they can put in their toolbox when they encounter mountain lions. >> now hill's legislation preserves the authority to kill a mountain lion if the warden feels they're a threat 0 to public safety. but here is proof bay area residents and mountain lions co-exist. photo of an adult male lion taking 11 miles east of san jose
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on the slopes of mt hamilton. the trail camera snapped this photograph. the 100-pound cougar was strolling through the reserve. the property adjoins a popular rec area, a mountain lion habitat. visitors don't just usually get to see them up close. bay area sports vince have to be salivating at the prospect of another championship. first the giants and now the 49ers have a chance to win the super bowl. in tonight's reality check, sam brock explains why despite an endorsement from vegas niners fans should temper expectations. not liking this. janell, i'm bringing the entire mood down. maybe some super bowl party invitations. statistically the ravens have a better chance of winning the
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super bowl than do the 49ers. an electric young quarterback in colin kaepernick who has only been starting for part of the year in his second nfl season. looking back at the last 20 super bowls, the average experience of the winning quarterback is 6.75 seasons, a far cry from cakaepernick's two. ravens quarterback joe flacco is a little closer with five seasons under his belt. in fact, in that two decade span, only three quarterbacks have won a super bowl with two years of experience. you might have heard of them, tom brady, ben roethlisberger, and kurt warner. the niners are also known for a stellar defense. they ranked third in the nfl in to total defs this year. how many teams have won a super bowl in the last 20 years supporting a top three defense? the answer is only five of the 20 teams with the average defensive rank for a super bowl champ coming in at 9.2.
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regular season record would indicate that the 49ers are a better football team than the ravens about but in the last two decades, the team with the better record has won the big game only eight times. the team with the lesser record has won eight times as well. and four games featured teams with the same record. the record is basically a wash, which is to say it doesn't mean anything. now all these numbers might seem a little bit unpalletable. there is hope yet for 49ers fans. the most important metric has yet to be released. i am told the annual janelle wang prediction we are waiting fortruly who will win. >> i am predicting the niners win. i will release how many points next wednesday. >> mark it on your calendar. the newest colin kaepernick t-shirt. in anticipation for the super bowl, it features kaepernick's face and says against all odds.
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production on the newest piece of gear today. >> become such a star in the last eight or nine weeks and all of the nfl. not only the 49ers because we've also shipped shirts today of ca kaepernick. >> the license from the nfl players association to promote all the players in the league. 49ers merchandise with city workers to be able to find this shirt, we'll show you right now, the oracle herself. >> look. here is a close-up of the shirt. live and in person. i'm going to rub it, wear it, hopefully bring the niners good luck and we'll bring you the score. it will bring me the score, my prediction. we'll see what happens. >> rob, don't you think she should use those predictions to help you in the weather department, too? >> the seven-day forecast could use some help the way the weather has been this week. we could use your help, janelle. against all odds that will help
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the 49ers' chances over the next week or so. we have temperatures in the 60s for highs today. it was a warm if not muggy afternoon. we had that moisture coming up out of the south, made for a sticky day around the bay area. 72 degrees in santa cruz. 64 in san jose. 64 earlier in san francisco. now let's take you out across the bay, showing you the view there of our bay bridge with the lights lit up all across the bridge now. unfortunately, those lights moving faster than the traffic there. looks like very slow commute heading into san francisco into the city tonight. so our temperatures cooling off a bit, 50s and 60s right now, but high temperatures this weekend probably not going to be as warm as the numbers you just saw outside. we're going to have a tough time getting past the mid-50s. a chilly air mass settles in. it will bring a slight chance of some showers at times. the big difference you'll notice here the next couple of days will be the breezy conditions and a chance for those showers in cooler temperatures.
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so here is the cold front up to the north. notice it is moisture starved. and you get these cold systems to drop in from the north. what they do bring is cooler air but not a lot of moisture out there. hit and miss showers across the north bay this evening and then a few widely scattered showers in the south bay tomorrow morning. notice the high temperatures as we go hour by hour in the forecast. nowhere near 70 tomorrow. waking up to 30s and 40s and during the afternoon mid-50s and a few upper 50s on saturday. then sunday it looks like we could see highs in the low 50s in parts of the bay area. if you're going to head to the high country, snow levels close to 3,000 feet. coming up in our next half hour, how much rain we're expecting in terms of rainfall totals and any changes that we have in the seven-day forecast including those that janelle may have. >> thanks, rob. still ahead, police investigate an attempted kidnapping in the east bay. also ahead, the questions about the supreme court and the defense of marriage act. how it could impact the same sex marriage fight. plus, helping combat serious
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health problems. why yoga could be the cure. >> we're tired of being observers. we want to be participants. >> and the action plan to help improve conditions for the latino community.
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the future is now. that's what latino leaders in the silicon valley were pushing today as they challenged voters to roll up their sleeves to improve their community. >> it's a follow-up to their so-called latino report card released last year. damian trujillo was with one expert who says it starts at home. it's my delight to welcome you all to the launch of our future initiative. >> reporter: they returned to the table armed with some good and bad news. the results of the so-called latino report card. hispanic foundation gathered latino leaders to rate the successes and failures in 2011
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and the average was a c-minus. now they say it's time to mobilize. >> the project is about getting our community out of the bleachers and onto the play iin field. we're tired of being observers. we want to be participants. >> reporter: so they brain stormed and strategized and mapped out their plan to improve health, housing, and education. >> not only talk about issues but begin discussing solutions. and we're very hopeful this will lead to a strategic plan that brings a better quality of life for not just silicon valley latinos but the entire region. >> reporter: in the middle of it all was an old educator, a former engineer who helped develop the copy printer for ibm. >> it's terrible locally. >> reporter: he says latinos are still on the sidelines at silicon valley tech companies. he says latinos need to compete and not think someone else is going to take care of them in
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the future. >> we leave it up to the scho s schools. we leave it up to someone and don't do it as a competition. that's why we can't close the gap. >> reporter: the group took note of his views and over the year they'll be tasked with developing a plan of action. >> silicon valley is a bountiful region. we have a lot of opportunity here. all of us who are involved with it are here to help. >> reporter: it's time, they say, to make sure latinos are a part of the silicon valley. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. fighting prescription drug abuse. the new move involving one of the most widely used painkillers. plus, a top executive at a local startup sudden ly resigns. the surprising allegations and claims of extortion. a one-time tech visionary turned fugitive millionaire. john mcafee speaks one-on-one with raj mathai about the
6:27 pm
bizarre international man hunt.
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his early days in the bay area fueled by cocaine and alcohol, but nowadays it's a new set of problems. police say silicon valley pioneer john mcafee may be connecteded to a murder in belize. >> he fled the small central american country leaving behind a trail of teenager girls and guns. the interview with john mcafee. now is this a story of a successful entrepreneur who went crazy and surrounded himself with girls and guns and became a murderer, or is this the
6:30 pm
greatest mind [ bleep ] of all time? >> reporter: and with that we introduce you to john mcafee 2.0. a lot has changed since he launched his company from a santa clara home in the 1980s. not only has he lost most of his f fortune but many say he's simply lost his mind. >> most of the press recently has been negative. i'm a mad man which perhaps i am. i'm paranoid. i don't think i am. or whatever. people on the street recognized me, all gave me the high five sign. i don't know where that comes from. >> reporter: you like it? >> it doesn't bother me. i don't seek it. >> reporter: you like the fact people talk about the movie that will come can out about you, the women that you surround yourself with. you must thrive off that. >> people think that. they call me a media whore. when i need the media, i am indeed. and i've needed you to keep me alive for three months in belize
6:31 pm
and i need you now to promote my movie, my books and other things. it's money. for ten years i didn't talk to anyone in the media. i got called all the time. the answer was always no. it's not that i don't like you as a person. i do not like you as a profession because you are responsible for everything in the world. the president doesn't rule the country. you do, sir, and your profession does. you tell us what to love, what to hate, what's important, what's not. you have a position of power and i think it's being abused. >> reporter: we caught up with the 67-year-old mcafee in portland, oregon, which is a far cry from the warm beaches of belize where he's wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. so what would you tell them if i'm to believe in the government asking you if you had a role in the murder? >> absolutely not and they know
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this. they know i'm not involved in the murder. they haven't questioned anybody else. i had nothing to do with it. i know nothing about it. i'm willing to talk to them in a neutral country on the planet. i've offered that. i'll talk to them on the phone. i'll talk to them through skype. >> reporter: you've talked about selling yourself and your story. sex sells. is it true about all the women we read in your life, you have five or six women at a time, several girlfriends that are teenagers? >> it's true. i do have teenaged girlfriends, nothing illegal, they're well beyond the age of consent and i see nothing wrong with it. and if you do, that's okay. >> reporter: it's part of the whole deal that's going to sell hollywood in terms of making the film about your life? >> i personally don't think it's that interesting. >> reporter: you must because you know sex sells so you must think this is a selling point because everyone is asking you about it or want to ask you about it. >> other things sell other than sex. mystery sells. all kinds of human drama sells.
6:33 pm
sex sells if you're making porn videos. if you're making a porn video with no sex, it's not going to sell. >> reporter: 1990s it seemed like you had a quote/unquote, normal ceo life, right? clean and sober, wildly successful, speaking at the stanford business school quite often, donating to charity. when did it switch gears to this crazy lifestyle you're describing? >> you're assuming because i'm a clean and sober ceo that my lifestyle is a standard lifestyle. >> reporter: no. you were speaking of stanford and donating to charities. >> right. >> reporter: and seemingly, within all the normal society -- >> i still speak at functions. i still donate to charity. i'm still talking to business people like yourself. so my lifestyle has always been off the wall. i'm sorry. it didn't reach the press until just recently. >> reporter: $100 million is what i read you walked away with, you lost some, gained some, how did it change you?
6:34 pm
>> at first it made me a radical [ bleep ] if i can use that word on television. >> reporter: we'll bleep it out. >> there we are. suddenly you have all of this power and all of this money. you can buy whatever you want and i did. stuff i didn't need. big boats. at one point i had 12 houses in every part of the world, hawaii and ecuador and every state in the union and the bahamas. >> now it is worth noting that john mcafee left the company in 1994, has not been involved with that company since. new tonight at 6:00, a high-ranking executive at red-hot san francisco startup is stepping down because of a sexual harassment charge. an executive at square posted a blog in which he says he's resigning from square because of bad judgment. he says he had a consensual relationship with a co-worker who is now suing for harassment. he says he's innocent of that charge. square says it is investigating. in the east bay a dublin man
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is recovering from a gunshot wound after investigators say he charged a sheriff's deputy with a hunting knife. the man was shot outside of a home east of interstate 680 and a block from frederiksen elementary school. parents were notified there was never a threat to the school. the deputy was sent to the house after a faert reported his son was acting strangely and needed help. when the man ran down the driveway towards the deputy with the hunting knife at hand, the deputy wounded him in the arm. neighbors say the 28-year-old has a history of mental illness. >> now you've got to do some back tracking to find out what led up to this. everybody is being cooperative other than the suspect who is combative, even being transported in the ambulance. >> the deputy wasn't hurt. he's an eight-year veteran of the police department. the medical examiner testified in the case of a san francisco parent accused of killing the man they thought was their it daughter's pimp.
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today marked the first day of testimony in a preliminary hearing to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to move forward in the case. he and his girlfriend are charged in the killing of 2-year-old calvin sneed last june. they believed sneed acted as a pimp for the 17-year-old daughter. testimony is expected to last for at least a week. parents in antioch are being warned to keep a xloes eye on their kids after an attempted kidnapping outside a school. yesterday afternoon a man tried to lure a fifth grade boy into his car. he told the boy he was sent by his aunt. the boy said, i don't know you, and quickly walked away. the suspect described as a white man with gray hair was said to be driving a light blue '70s era car. he was last seen near chichibu park near the school. the justices won't necessarily rule yes or no on same sex marriage. the court is asking legal experts such as law professors for their arguments on whether
6:37 pm
the court even has the standing to decide this issue. when the justices hear the case in march, they may not consider the legality of same sex marriage but whether prop 8 sponsors who oppose it should have the right to argue the case. the court could decide since the state isn't appealing, gay rights opponents are not an injured party, that the ruling is not the court's to make. that could open the door to same sex marriage again in california. mending the bay bridge. just ahead at 6:00, we hit the water for an up close look at the repair work after that tanker accident. >> and there are serious medical conditions but could yoga be the cure? and what's left of the showers over our east bay and south bay hills have shut down but this brief break may not last very long. we're tracking a winterlike blast that will head to the bay area bringing in more showers and you may be surprised by how quickly our temperatures cool this weekend.
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in health matters a u.s. food and drug administration panel vote d today for stricter control on narcotic painkillers like vicodin. right now patients can get up to six months of these drugs with one doctor's prescription. if approved they will only be able to get a three-month supply. advocates of limiting the drugs say reform needed because addiction rates have soared over the past decade. it is not known when the fda will make its final decision. new research confirms folic acid supplements do not increase the risk of cancer. all large studies done on the vitamin, those who took daily supplements up to five years
6:41 pm
were no more likely to develop cancer. even those taking the highest doses of folic acid did not show an increased risk. the benefits of yoga seem to be growing. it may have positive effects on people with adhd and other people taking medication, helped people with mild depression and sleep problems. yoga may act on the brain and the body much in the way antidepressants and psycho they are therapy do. this should not replace conventional medical care with yo yoga. >> it is very calming. >> i love the sunshine. it's nice. we could still have more rain? >> it looks like a chance of that as we get into the weekend. the biggest change, we're tracking winterlike temperatures heading our way. a look at that coming up in weather. jim, you are talking all things 49ers in sports. you've got that right. and i'm trying to get that yoga pose down right, too. jim kozimor here. is the city of san francisco
6:42 pm
putting a halt to the 49ers super bowl party? we'll explain but, first, we're nine days away from the biggest sporting event of the year. coming up a full report from santa clara as the 49ers get ready to head to new orleans.
6:43 pm
some breaking news with you out of oakland.
6:44 pm
a police officer was shot just before 6:00 this evening at the intersection of 49th and 12th. we understand the officer is in stable condition. we also have learned two suspects are in custody. it is unclear at this point what led up to the shooting. the officer was in uniform and it's unknown if the officer was able to return fire. we'll have more of the breaking news throughout this newscast and again at 11:00 this evening. a big repair job is now under way in the middle l of the bay. we want to bring you a live picture of the bay bridge where crews are working to fix a damaged fender after a tank tankership accident. >> an up close look at the repair work and more on how much it's going to cost. >> reporter: anyone who has ever replaced an old broken fence can surely imagine the challenge of replacing one in the middle of the bay. that's essentially the task at hand for construction crews repairing a damaged fend er on the bay bridge. >> what we're seeing behind us
6:45 pm
is the damage by the collision with the oil tanker. >> reporter: emergency repair comes two weeks after the empty oil tanker struck the bridge on january 7 ripping out a large chunk. >> i think it is pretty substantial, a good section was hit. >> reporter: tuesday crews began tearing away at damaged 40-foot section of the fender which is designed to protect the bridge's concrete base. >> fortunately there was only superficial damage. most happened to the lumber, and that's the way it's suppose d t happen. >> reporter: the job is expected to cost the state about $3 million, take about four months to complete. the contractors, california engineering, says the work is costly because it carries can many risks. >> working under water is a challenge. we have tides we have to deal with, weather. it's january. it happens to be a nice day today. they're not all that nice. >> reporter: crews plan to replace the damaged plastic with a recycled material known as plastic lumber.
6:46 pm
>> all the materials will be replaced with plastic lumber, the new materials. the old creosote treated wood is hazardous and we don't deal with that much anymore. >> reporter: the state is seeking reimbursement from the ship's owners. a state investigation into the actions of the barge pilot responsible for navigation is under way. the coast guard cleared the ship leaving this repair job in its wake. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> look how beautiful it was today. >> i think we'll be working in the rain the next couple of days. >> maybe at times. very much like a springlike afternoon. some places near santa cruz near 72 degrees. gorgeous day after two days of some pretty soggy weather across the south bay and the east bay hills like we saw the last 24 hours. south san jose down around south of downtown, 67 degrees. san jose 64.
6:47 pm
64 in san francisco and mid-60s around the tri-valley. temperatures cooling off. what's interesting here we're still seeing some 50s and low 60s outside. the numbers we have outside right now likely to be warmer as the temperatures will stay throughout the entire week. a big air mass, chilly air that will drop in from the north. not too much now but the cold front later tonight, you'll notice the winds picking up a bit. it may wake you up 15 to 25 miles an hour winds as that colder air sinks on in. high temperatures really dropping this weekend, looking at low 50s in spots. by the time we get to sunday and this cold air mass isn't going to have a lot of moisture but it will bring in a slight chance of showers into the early part of next week and then higpressure builds back again so the pro-locked mid-winterlike dry spell will reset itself heading into the first half of next week. right now the radar is dry. you probably saw driving around the south bay the near mt.
6:48 pm
hamilton, a few showers during the afternoon. things have calmed down. the solar powered element to those showers has gone away now that the sun has set. a cold front dropping down the coast that may provide enough lift to what moisture is left over to get a few widely scattered showers tonight. but notice here it's a big pattern shift that nowhere around the bay area, temperatures really coming down as the jet stream drops into central california for at least two to three days. this will drive our temperatures down and still have a slight chance of some showers at times. so the weekend is not a washout but it will be cool and breezy. highs in the mid-50s instead of those beautiful upper 60s in a few spots today. hour by hour of your forecast through the evening, you notice some areas of light rain at time, perhaps around the south bay. cool and breezy temperatures for your saturday. rain totals with the systems that drop out of the north still it doesn't look like a whole lot. we may see more than this, maybe a tenth of an inch in the weather locations by the time this thing winds down into
6:49 pm
sunday night. for the sierra look out for snow as low as 3,000 feet this weekend. even those totals not too much. that will add to the ski resorts. great skiing conditions. a little bit of fresh snow this weekend. 40s tonight. that will keep our temperatures up but the chilly canadian air conditioning tomorrow will keep conditions coolers. upper 50s, down to san jose around pleasanton and san francisco a blustery day. 56 around santa rosa. so the weekend forecast is going to be a reminder that, yes, it's still winter outside. we'll see the numbers in the low to mid-50s and once we clear out on monday and high pressure builds back in other than the patchy fog, things will look nice. in fact, by the middle part of next week, temperatures into the 60s which is just shy of what new orleans is seeing for the next seven days. in case you're wondering what it's like there. just a little bit warmer than we had today. >> very nice. if only we could all go there.
6:50 pm
it would be even nicer. we know someone who is going to go there. let's get to sports. you have a little bit of a cold. maybe you can't go and janelle can go in your place. >> janelle has so much good luck they want to send her with the team the way she is running this thing, baby. we've been on the 49ers beat all season long. after earning a trip to the super bowl the media circus is just beginning. as the big game approaches in just nine days, our own john henry smith on the ground as the team finished up final practices before they head off to new orleans. >> reporter: just because super bowl xlvii is just over a week away doesn't mean anything feels different yet for the nfc champs. >> it will probably feel real once it gets down there. routine for us. coming in, practicing, doing the same thing, being at our home field. once we get to new orleans and start practicing outside the
6:51 pm
box, i think it will start hitting us. >> reporter: the guys say this 49ers team is anxious to take its place in history. >> we want to win for the whole organization. trying to to bridge the gap between '94 to now. they were the team back in the day. we're trying to beat this team in this era now. >> we knew we had this. we're taking advantage of it. >> everyone did excited. we can't wait to get there. >> coach harbaugh knows this should be a fun time, too. >> i want them to enjoy every minute and especially enjoy the competition. and that's the most exciting thing to look forward to is
6:52 pm
playing the game, that ball being kicked off and working together, fighting together, playing together for a chance to win a championship. >> reporter: the 49ers leave sunday from here at their practice facility at around noon. they should arrive in new orleans for super bowl week at around 7:15 p.m. new orleans time. from santa clara i'm john henry smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, john henry. the number 13 doesn't sound like that big of a number, but it is when you're talking about field goals. david akers missed 13 in the regular season and he enters the big game with the fourth lowest field goal percentage of any super bowl kicker since 1990. one more miss last week and akers is searching for some answers. >> not a great practice season and training camp and pregame and all that, so, i mean, one of
6:53 pm
those things that's a head scratcher. i'm just going to be positive going into this game. the possibility of being a world champi champion. that's a cool thought, my second time playing in the super bowl. after being in the seven nfc championship games, to win one, it's a really neat experience. for me, i'm just going to go into this thinking positive and forgetting the fact that 2012 and looking forward to good things in 2013. >> and for those of you who were planning to camp out at san francisco's civic center to watch the super bowl, you might want to find an alternative. the city has no plans to broadcast outside city hall. the mayor saying, quote, i don't think we are permitted. no jumbotron for the super bowl. pro bowl linebacker patrick willis a happy 28th birthday today. always a fan favorite just entering the prime of his
6:54 pm
career. he will be leading the defense for years to come. he will wait until he comes home after the super bowl to celebrate that birthday, though. that is a look at sports for now from the xfinity sports desk. back at 11 chock clock. warrior highlights on the road in chicago, and we are officially now officially one week away from janelle's o official super bowl pick. i am ready for those numbers. you have a week to go. >> right here at this time, yes. the number, i have two numbers in my mind. i will reveal which number it is next friday. see you soon. for a full half hour watch sports net central at 10:30. >> you're under a lot of pressure. >> i am. i feel it. [ crickets chirping ]
6:55 pm
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ]
6:56 pm
[ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
6:57 pm
high-riding daredevils are taking over this weekend. the supercross is in town. more than 500 truckloads were brought in to transform the home of the oakland a's and raiders. the competition kicks off at 7:00 tomorrow night and tickets start at $10. it should be clear for people who like to see that. >> a few showers out there but chilly. bundle up if you're heading out. low to mid-50s. thank you for joining us. hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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